Educate yourself on Climate Change

Here are some of the more interesting resources I have come across. I included an estimate duration in case your time is limited! I’ll include more resources as I come across them.

Online courses

Climate Change: The Science (4 weeks, 3 hours per week)
This was my personal introduction to the harder science around climate change. It covers important climate change topics of 1) Feedbacks, 2) Evidence, 3) Impacts, and 4) Future. The format includes videos, articles, mini projects, discussions, and small quizzes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Climate Change: Solutions (4 weeks, 3 hours a week)
This course was the follow up to the above “The Science” course. It followed the same basic format (videos, articles, etc.) and covered 1) Climate Action, 2) Life on Land, 3) Life Below Water, and 4) Sustainable Cities and Communities. This is less about specific solutions you can undertake and more about the possibilities and any potential issues.

Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society (2 weeks, 3 hours a week)
Week 1 covers climate tipping points. Week 2 dives into tipping points within social systems. This short course helped me feel less terrified by climate tipping points by helping me understand them. I was surprised the second week, on social tipping points, also provided some context and hope for sustaining the climate action movement.

Making Sense of Climate Science Denial (7 weeks, 2-4 hours per week)
This course takes us through understanding the controversy, the science and history of climate change, through to how we respond to denial. I started this course and it seemed very interesting, but I didn’t finish it. I plan on going back to it when I have more time.


Most of these movies I watched over the course of two days, emotionally it was too difficult to do all at once.

Before the Flood (1hr, 36 min)
In this 2016 documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio, we are shown the startling evidence that climate change is already upon us, indeed has been for some time- melting poles, rainforest destruction, floods, droughts, and storms. We hear explanations of the science, and some overview of national and international political debate and progress towards the 2016 Paris Climate Accords. Lose hope to find it and light a fire to fuel your action! I watched on Amazon.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (1 hr, 37 min)
We see Al Gore again talking about the same things he has been talking about. The only thing that has changes is that we are in a much more dire situation. Difficult but still important. I watched on Amazon.

Chasing Coral (1 hr, 29 minutes)
This documentary (available on Netflix) tells the story of the devastating loss of coral reefs across the globe. The story is bleak but . Here is the trailer.


Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming:

This Changes Everything

Other resources

This Climate Change Guide is a quick overview of the effects of climate change, their causes, and includes some actions you can take.