About Us

Our Approach

What is the point of this site?

The Climate Crisis is the single most dire existential threat to humanity. It is big, and scary, and hard to digest. I want to help folks come to grips with this by providing the knowledge of what is happening, hope for the future, and ways to act that contribute to solutions that will shape the world for the benefit of the next generation, and those beyond.

Our Story


My aim is for short reads, with complex facts and concepts made simple and easily digestible. Each post will include:

  • Outline of a specific climate challenge to help you understand it better
  • Stories of hope and progress
  • Specific actions you can take (large and small) to contribute to the solutions.

More than anything, I hope this alleviates some of the overwhelm you may be feeling around climate change. If we all work together, this crisis is totally within humanity's capacity to handle.